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Updated on Mar 12, 2014

My daughter's note books not completed at exams time, she is studying in 7th class and she does not take study seriously. she tells me lie about studies and does not do work which given by me, please suggest me.

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| Mar 13, 2014

Thanks Shikha for these valuable tips.. i will take these tips and try to improve.. !! Shikha i always try to spent time with her and try to understand her thought. she have discussed with me about her all friends ( Boy friend and girl friend both ) and about all studies but i dint understand what happen with her in exams time, why she doesn't do handwork in exams time.

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| Mar 12, 2014

Hi dear Mona! I can understand ur worries. It is indeed frustrating when ur child tells lies. The following steps cud be taken. U need to start afresh. ONE: try to be friendly and initate talk by asking how was her day, share about ur day at office U cud initiate talks with yr daughter once again. Discuss what she plans to do and how she plans to do in life without giving attention to studies. TWO: U need to talk about future prospects and discuss the importance of 7 th,8th and 9 th standard in various degrees such as engineering, medical line and other lines too. So she needs to be serious about the line she wants to pursue as her carrer from now on. THREE: u cud give personal attention to her day to day studies, class work, homework. FOUR: do not give immediate feedback about anything. FIVE: u cud appreciate her for her efforts in studies, managing self in ur absence etc. SIX: spend quality time with ur child on weekends. SEVEN : set a routine with her. Do spare time for just chilling out with her by watching TV or going out to market, or just discussing days happenings. EIGHT: u cud make her some ECA on weekends And accompany her. NINE: just tell her once calmly what u expect from her during the day in studies, help in household chores, managing self etc. TEN: do check the work u asked her to do n praise her for her efforts. Some of the points might be overlapping. So the more u involve ur self and the less judgemental u will be in guiding her the more she will open up with u. Keep changing hats and be her friend, counselor, parent, guide, teacher as the need be. Hope this works!

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