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Updated on Jul 14, 2017

Hello shikha mam, thanks for your reply. Actually i think my family issues are the triggers of this problem because my hysband doesn't behave nice with me & he abuse me in front of my child so thats why he acts like this for the last one year when he started understanding the emotions & now i am worried about this because he hits me when i ask to do for food, school home work etc. otherwise my child is very sweet, naughty & active, he likes to play a lot with the other kids, then he forget all the things we discussed.

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| Jul 14, 2017

hi Megha! if he has been witness to all this everyday , there is quite a possibility he is imitating his father. u need to talk to your hubby and let him know, unknowingly he is punishing his child too by being abusive. this could have a very bad impact on his overall development. he might not trust people in the longer run, it might impact his own marital life when he grows up, he might also suffer from many social and other emotional problems. If feasible work on finding a solution to this problem, so that u and your child could live a better life .try and be independent Megha and find a job for yourself. if possible involve your elders so that they could sort out things for u both. Megha this an impressionable age of your child , he could be easily moulded the way u want him to be in life ahead. try and offer him good experiences so that he becomes a cheerful, independent, and a successful human being tomorrow . hope this helps;

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