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Updated on Jul 14, 2017

Hello Shikha Mam, actually you won't believe that my husband's parents are doing all these nonsense since i got married, only they are responsible but they have no idea that by punishing me they are punishing their son's life too so how can i make my husband understand about all the situation. He only trust his parents but not me. They have ruined everything in my life & i have sacrificed my job 4 yrs back because of them only. I was also thinking to do a job again but i want my married life back too so that me & my son can live atleast a normal life.

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| Jul 14, 2017

hi Megha! work on the relationship with your husband. Megha in my opinion any relationship works when two people who are completely different to each other, respect each other , accept each other's likes and dislikes, they accept each other despite differences. they try and compromise for each other and for them other person's happiness matters the most.. even if that means accepting his/her parents despite of differences. one can't be selfish and still be in a relationship. i don't know your side of the story , and the problems u r facing but I am sure u too want this relationship to work. please think about the child. who is your joint responsibility. u need to work on your relationship with your hubby for your child.. picking up fights , arguments , bickerings etc. would make things worse for him. though he is a silent spectator as of now, but the impression its leaving on his mind are long lasting and damaging for his future. hope this helps!

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