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Updated on Sep 03, 2019

During the summer vacation, children will usually go on a trip with parents. Many family will prefer the seaside. Looking at the blue sky, white clouds and sea, people can completely relax. So, what do we usually play at the beach? Beach volleyball, shellfish picking, swimming and much more. However, according to most of the people, these games are just our too regular. Are there any other games designed for parents and children that are more suitable for playing on the beach? 1. Ocean ball You can dig some holes just to catch the balls thrown for kids. Whenever they score, they would be thrilled to see this that makes them happy and proud and confident during the game. Hence, the way they do can not only make them exercise but also build up the pleasant mood all the way. 2. Sea water scooping game This is a game which requires them to compete each other with endurance and balance. By setting up the point A which is the start(at head of players or at some other places) and point B which is the end (at sea close to the bank in consideration of safety), there it starts with of course some bottles to scoop the water. You can also increase the difficulty by counting down, the faster and more the player gets water, the more scores he or she gets and either he or she will be the winner. 3. Sand stacking game Crabs, sharks, turtles and even a bunch of cool yachts can be made with sands right on the beach, with babies’ strong imagination. This game provides them with freedom of what babies want to do with sands, building whatever they want using their hands and imagination.    4. Memories of beach This game is just different from the other ones. There might be different kinds of sands with different shapes at beach. Try collecting them and put them together in a bottle as each bottle of sand has its own name and place marked by ourselves. This would be fun. Besides, use those bottles as decorations can be of option after collecting. This would be another way of keeping the memories right at the beach you been to. 5. Water fun can meet babies’ emotional need Some parents think that their babies are too early to swim, but in fact, playing with water is completely fine. In addition to playing, it is also important to involve parents to develop and promote parenting relationship. FZBLUE Baby iSwim can bring solutions to aquatic parenting interactions and solve the problem of not being able to interact with your baby on the water. Baby iSwim has remote control, and mum can try to control the swim ring with it, while the kid can fetch the ball thrown by his or her dad on the water while driving the swim ring during the water game. See, family fun easily created! There is also a Child Safety Lock on the remote control to prevent the baby from controlling the swim ring, if he is not willing to go ashore or he encounters other situations on the water. The parents can then have priority of the swim ring after locking. Compared to ordinary swimming ring, it's more fun on the water, and even makes children think it's a water tour all the way!

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| Sep 03, 2019

thanks for sharing!

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