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the very reserved nature of my elder child

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 09, 2017

we live in joint family even den my child has a very reserved kind of nature. He usually talk ,play & discuss things with very few people with whom he is familiar. for example I went to the ptm meeting in his school on last week ,he behaved so strange. Every child who came was playing with each other & they were very comfortable .Bt my child was sitting with me throughout the time. I asked other students of his class to took him to play. Bt he was not interested at all .He was not talking with them. Even infront of teacher he was very quiet. bt he was gud in studies ,teacher said. bt was not gud in orals. He had this nature from the beginning. bt at home & out of class he was very naughty&active. plz let me know what to do..

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| May 09, 2017

hi Manpreet Kaur! it's quite possible that he has maintained an image of a" good, sober, quiet boy" in front of teachers which he doesn't want to lose and hence this behavior the other day. it's advisable to observe his behavior when not in front of teachers outside class. some children are very talkative otherwise but when it comes to answering questions and speaking in front of the whole class, they lack confidence. work on improving his self confidence by working on his strengths and making him participate in those activities at home , in neighborhood or school. do mock drills at home where u could pretend to be the teacher and ask him questions and he could answer those. praise him, give him a smiley and a reward on repeated good and confident behavior. he could also say 5 lines on himself " I am a good boy", " I am special", " I am proud of myself", " I love the way I am",I love myself" in front of a mirror everyday. hope​ this will be of help to u!

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