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Updated on Mar 30, 2020

Is it okay to take help of my children in doing household chores ? during this lockdown phase , they both keep playing all the time and creating mess all around. My hubby also doesn't support me. I get tired working round the clock , can you please suggest ways so that they all help me?

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| Mar 30, 2020

Hi Aruhi ! I can understand. in order to deal with this situation u need to delegate responsibilities to all three of them .For that talk to all three of them together and let them know ,how difficult it is getting for you to manage everything without their support. Divide work for instance , your younger one can help you in laying the table , folding bed covers, etc . Your elder one could help you with watering plants , folding clothes , organizing utensils etc.. and your husband could help you with difficult chores like cooking,dishes etc. Let them know how tired u feel , working throughout the day. If they do not help you still, stop doing everything for them and let them fend for themselves.

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