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Throwing tantrums to go to school in the morning

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 08, 2014

My daughter shows severe tantrums to go to school in the morning daily. Getting her ready to school is a mental pain for me. I have tried all means to make her understand the importance of going to school and also tried to find out if there are any problems in the school. But seems that there are any such problems. How should I go about in handling my 7 year old daughter to make her go to school regularly. She is actually very good at studies.

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| Jul 08, 2014

Dear lakshmi, what time does she have to leave for school? Perhaps she wants to sleep more rather than get ready for school. If that is the case, you can try letting her wake up a little late and get ready at her own pace.

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| Jul 09, 2014

Lakshmi- could you share the following with me. Feel free to in-mail me. What time does she sleep normally? Does she sleep by herself or with you.. Has she recently got into a fight at school or got a chiding from th teacher? How does she go to school? by school transportation or you drop her? who does she have a best friend in her class? does she have a favourite teacher?

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| Aug 06, 2015

I too have Similar problem with my son 6 yrs old, We have tried him explaining importance and also explained how he will get to know new things and he will become knowledgeable. We also tried all means to see if there is any problem at school or in bus. He is good at studies completes his homework and does everything required. However in the morning he starts with he will not go to school till we drop him to bus, He even wakes up early to say he does not want go to school. his only concern is He wants to come back early home as was the case in kindergarden. Not sure how to resolve this but for now we are able to manage, however sometimes we loose patience.

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