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Throwing things

1 to 3 years

Created by Yesheswini Vernekar
Updated on Apr 02, 2014

Hi.. my son is 1. 5 yes.. he has this habit of throwing anything that is in his hand. Recently he threw his dad s mobile from the balcony.. If we say not to do something he does that.. tried all ways but no use he continue s to do it.. is he too young to understand and I should be patient and wait or should this problem be fixed now??if yes how do I do it??any help will be appreciated.. thank you.

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| Apr 04, 2014

Hi Yesheswini, I agree with Anurima that children are experimental at the stage and will try things out. Best is: keep expensive things out of his reach; try to stop him with a strict no (if he cries or throws a tantrum, let him). hope this is of value

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| Apr 03, 2014

Thank you.. will definitely try this..

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| Apr 02, 2014

You may also find some useful tips from this following blog:

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| Apr 02, 2014

Dear Yesheswini, you may keep important things such as mobile phones, tv remotes etc out of reach of your toddler. Children of this age want to experiment, so I guess your son loves to find out what happens to the things once he throws them out! It is all the more tempting when they are told not to do it. So if he takes something into the balcony, instead of saying no and focusing on the thing on his hand, try immediately distracting him. Point out to the sky saying there is a plane flying or show him a bird or even show his favourite toy from inside the house. Distracting your son will work better than directly saying no. If he wants to throw something out, try throwing pieces of bread (if it is allowed in your area), popcorn or something small which will be eaten by birds. But the best approach would be to discourage him from throwing things altogether. So distraction is one tried and tested ways. Do not get angry or get stressed if he takes something in his hands with the intention to throw. Pretend that you are not bothered and try to distract him with something else. Hope this helps.

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