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Created by Sri
Updated on Oct 26, 2018

Hi all, my baby is 4 months old and has developed a habit of sucking both thumbs whole day.. While trying to sleep, the thumb gets slipped and starts crying very badly.. Even if we try to show some toys.. There is no use. Finally there is only crying most of the time. Is this normal and please suggest if there are any other ways to stop the cry and make the baby sleep.

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| Oct 27, 2018

Thanks for the suggestions Devi and Ayesha

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| Oct 27, 2018

it's absolutely normal. my baby who is now 3. 5 months does the same. I have got him a pacifier which I give only at nights to help him sleep. just breastfeeding him also sometimes puts him to sleep. pacifiers are fine as long as we don't overuse them .. that is put it in baby's mouth Everytime he cries or fusses or is bored. hope this helps

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| Oct 26, 2018

hi sri ! it's not unusual . it acts as a pacifier and gives a soothing effect to baby. u could make him wear mittens, or give him a pacifier or a handy toy instead. this habit might eventually gets alleviated by the time child is 6 years or so however the earlier the intervention the better are the results.. keep trying..

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