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Updated on Jul 11, 2014

Hi, My dauther is 6yrs now but she is still nt leaving the habbit of thumb sucking of, we tried all sort of remides but she is nt able to leave it.. Whenever she is free she start sucking her thumb, especially while sleeping.. I tried to give her toys while slleping but still she is taking her thumb only...

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| Jul 11, 2014

Hi Sanju, Thank you for sharing your concern with us. We understand your concern. While you receive suggestions and inputs from fellow parents on parentune, in the meantime, here are some parent talks which deals with the concern area/s mentioned by you and may be of help- and

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| Jul 12, 2014

Hi Sanju,well if you have tried everything possible and have not succeeded then the best way to stop thumbsucking is to make the child wear a habit breaking appliance. This can be done with a dentist where in the thumb sucking appliance is fixed in the child's mouth in such a way that the child cannot put his thumb into his mouth. It normally is to be worn between 3-6 months and is very effective.

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| Jul 14, 2014

Hi Sanju, you have to be firm in this and not entertain her habit. Remind her, but without ridiculing, when she has a thumb in her mouth that is a unhealthy habit. Alternatively you could put a Band-Aid on the thumb. There is a particular lotion, femite, that is bitter and used to wean children off this habit. try that.

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