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Updated on Oct 19, 2016

my 1 yr 10 month old daughter has habit of thumb sucking please help

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| Oct 24, 2016

hi, I'm a pediatric dentist. its very common for kids to suck their thumb up to 2 yrs. but if thy continue beyond 2 its dangerous because it spoils the dentition of the baby and they are more prone for infections. try using long sleeve shirt beyond the hand and pin it , gradually the baby looses the pleasure of sucking. try this and tell me the result. there are many other treatment options . but let's start with the basic one .

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| Oct 20, 2016

Hi Jaspreet, here's a bog that may help you-https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/thumb-sucking-9-tips-to-tackle-it/1209

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