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Updated on Dec 15, 2016

my daughter now she entered into 5th year. she has a habit of thumb sucking. I tried many things to get rid of that habit but I vexed with them. I reminded her not to thumb suck for many times in a day but no use. lastly I used femite for her thumb s. she stopped her habit for two months Nd again she started wonderly. now no use of femite also. if I apply femite also she naturally sucks her thumb. wat to I don't no. pls give me suggestions.

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| Dec 16, 2016

Hi, there seem to be some underlying problem that you are not able to detect. So either you speak with her or seek a professional's help for the same. Also, has there been a new addition in the family -- like a birth of a baby? All in all, you need to sit with her and talk to her.

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