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Kirti Gupta
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Updated on Oct 15, 2015

My boy is 4. 5months old. He's developed the habit of sucking his thump whenever he's not kept engaged. He developed this habit as soon as he touched the 4th month. I am making him wear mitten (hand gloves) but still he's sucking his thump Frm the mittens n wetting them. Please suggest what should I do?

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| Oct 15, 2015

Hi Kirti, Most doctors say that there is nothing wrong with thumb sucking as it is just a reflex action and a calming activity for the child. But I personally have seen that if it is not stopped soon enough, children tend to continue with it for long. You could apply something bitter on his thumb to get him off the habit, gently scold him, and pull the thumb out of his mouth when he gets it in. Be persistent. My daughter still hasnt given up.

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