Time duration for using a breast pump

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Nov 29, 2019

When can we start using breast pump & what should be the appropriate time to atop using the breast pump?How long can we continue to breastfeed a baby?Mine is 16 months old now. What are the effects of breastfeeding on mothers health in the long run?

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| Nov 29, 2019

Hi Minu Maheswari ! U can use breast pump in case u are not able to feed directly or u will not be available to the baby. U can stop using breastpump once ur milk supply is stimulated.. directly feeding is always better than using a breastpump, as it strengthens the mother child bond. it also helps in loosing pregnancy's weight, and increases child's immunity. However using a breastpump for longer duration can affect breast tissues and cause engorgement.

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