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Updated on Jan 29, 2020

Is it normal that my 3month old taking my breastfeed only for 5-7mins after every 2hours? This is happening for past one month. Before that it was 15mins. Is it a matter of concern!

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| Jan 29, 2020

Helo Rashi the same thing happening with my baby also. It is normal and it changes after few weeks or month. As baby grows they will pass various phases as someday they will be sleeping properly somedays they will be crying. So we cannot fix anything or decide as how they will be in the coming weeks. Breastfeeding helps to calm the baby. If they take only for few minutes that's okay and you cannot force feed baby. Baby pee and poop count is good then there is nothing to worry. When you goto pediatrician check baby's weight also. If baby is gaining proper weight then there is nothing to worry. Make sure baby is active also. Sometimes the breastfeeding duration may increase sometimes it may decrease also the baby will be deciding how much to drink. If their tummy is full they wont drink and the excess milk what they had also comes off

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| Jan 29, 2020

Hi Rashi baby tend to change after some times the routine that they used to follow sometime ago.. but.. you may check the gums and mouth for any signs of reddening.. or inflammation... Is the pee or poop routine o k of the baby? Is the baby active and healthy ? Is there any signs of cold and cough to be seen in the baby? You must check in detail and must consult a doctor. For tips u can also read these blogs Blogs-, one thing more is your milk production is steady and full.. please check.. Is this any blockage in the nipples .. do check

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