Tips on how to get a toddler to sleep on her bed through the night

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Updated on Oct 18, 2012

My daughter won't sleep on her bed. Well she falls asleep on her bed but will move to our bed as soon as she realizes she's on her bed. We all end up struggling for space and are exhausted in the mornings. It has become a habit for her. We have had many discussions on this,she seems to understand but it has not worked so far. Any tips will be really helpful.  

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| Dec 04, 2012

Thanks Neena for you tips here. The reward suggestion sounds good, the other option that is, cuddling with her soft toy (she has a huge Hello Kitty), has not helped much. She creeps into our bed once she wakes up in the middle of the night! Let me try with the reward idea. Thanks :)

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| Dec 03, 2012

Hi Anurima, you could try giving her a partner to cuddle - her favorite stuff toy or perhaps a Dora / Cinderella / Barbie quilt - whichever she likes. Even then there is no guarantee that she would not want to come back into your bed at night, and bring her cuddly toy along! I can think of one more thing - set a reward for the times she sleeps in her bed through the night, all the best!

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