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to do studies by own

11 to 16 years

Created by Poonam Dave
Updated on Jul 09, 2016

hii my child is 13 yrs old he do not do his studies by his own what to do

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| Jul 09, 2016

thank you for such a good suggestion

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| Jul 09, 2016

Hi Poonam, When you say he doesnt study on his own, 1) does he need you to read the lessons with him or 2) need you to tell him the steps for math problems or 3) does he need someone to check his assignments and be behind him to make him complete the assignments or 4) is it just that he needs you beside him while studying? If it's the first 2 cases, then he needs to understand that he is not a baby anymore and he is responsible for his learning and will be accountable for the results. But at the same time he is also not an adult to take the sole responsibility. He might need your help to stay organized. Show him different ways to organize his things, time and tasks. Help him set short and long term goals. Buy him a planner or a diary to write down his short term goals. Goals not only for subject related but also for organization skills. at the beginning of the year, focus on his organization skills. Give him a couple of weeks or more to get into the practice of writing down his assignments, keeping his homework assignment organized , spending 10 minutes for preparing for the next day like packing the right textbooks, homework, checking the deadline for projects etc. Similarly help him plan his time. During weekends, make him list down the activities that need to be completed in that week, the deadline for each activity, estimated time that task would take. Include the downtime activities too such as playing, reading, watching movie etc. he can assess later where he spends more time and can rectify it. Set up a schedule for homework. Even when there is no homework, get him into the practice to review the old lessons. listen to him when he talks. Get to know what is done in classroom. Make him do a self analysis on his interest. For each subject ask him to write down an honest response on how he feels about that particular subject and the reason for it. if he doesn't like a subject, let him write what makes him dislike it, and what he thinks can be done to make it better. Let him come up with some suggestions and some short term realistic (achievable) goals for the same. Let him take the decision on his own. This will give you an opportunity to understand his strength and weakness and also to track the goals. your son cant handle all of these on his own. He needs your guidance to develop the right studying skills. Staying beside him while studying gives him confidence and assurance that there is someone who can help him when he needs. So help him learn his responsibilities. He will start doing it on his own.

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