To know more about Eye problem of 3 year baby boy.. and to increase weight..

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Updated on Apr 09, 2017

My baby boy 3 years old d have 10 kg weight only... His weight not increased from last few months but remain constant... what I give to him to increase his weight.. From last week he is constantly rubbing his eyes d says pain ho Raha ha.. Eyes kabhi kabhi red bhi Hoti ha.. Is there any big problem... Advice...

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| Apr 11, 2017

Mam his height is also a matter.. He is very short even my daughter is very short in height.. Now she is 7 years 6 month old but her height is according to 5 year child ... They both are playing so much. In park they hang there.. But I think in diet also we should give to them .. Advice.

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| Apr 10, 2017

hi Sumi! your child's weight is lil below average weight for his age. is he an active child otherwise? has he been able to reach his milestones more or less on time? does he usually keep well or has frequent episodes of illness? u need to work on his appetite and give him weight gaining diet with full cream milk, butter, paneer, cheese, ghee on paranthas and special ghee tadka in his dals . also try giving one egg everyday. if he takes non veg food, go ahead with it. also make sure he has dahi, seasonal fruits and vegetables alongwith dals in his plate. find out what he enjoys eating, incorporate healthy nutrients in the same dish. as far as his eye problem is concerned, its advisable to consult a specialist since it's a sensitive area. it could be due to infection or an injury and might need immediate attention. hope this helps.

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