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To make 11 years child self dependant. He should make his own decision with taking care of his family.

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Updated on Oct 09, 2017

I am mother of 11 years old son. I want him to be self dependant. But when I tell him to do on your own, and he does but then I feel this will be not good for him. Then I tell him to follow my advice. If he doesn't I get angry. I am confused. How can I leave him such a big responsibility.

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| Oct 09, 2017

hi Bhaveshi! I completely understand your concern. after he does exercise his will, ur motherly instinct doenst let u allow him to take risk as u fear this could backfire or Might not be the best thing for him. Bhaveshi u need to understand what child learns after doing mistakes would be a lesson for life for him.. but if we would keep on becoming the shield for our children and protect them from all situations, they won't be prepared for the time to come and would feel weak. this might lead to feeling of being incompetent, thereby depression due to which some children take extreme steps.. prepare him for the storm by letting him fly on his own so that he knows when to stop and when to take a leap. be his constant support and let him know no matter what ,u r there for him, but he has to fight for himself. hope this helps!

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| Oct 12, 2017

slowly you give him little task to do like reading a chapter ask him to complete in timeframe. Mean time leave him alone and do your own work .You can check in between. It is parenting tip rely on him one day he will be a independent and a successful human being. Spoon feeding will surely going to spoil his conference.

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