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toddler crying without reason

1 to 3 years

Created by Vimal Sharma
Updated on Aug 19, 2018

Hi my daughter is 2. 8 year old. And used to be a very happy and active child but for the post few days she is crying all the time without any reason. I tried to make her understand with love and with anger also but of no use. She cry all the day. Please help me what to do.

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| Aug 20, 2018

that could possible be the reason for her feeling of insecurity. she must be feeling her place has been taken away by someone else at home.. her parents do not love her like before.. to overcome her feelings of insecurity, please spend more time with her. hug her often, give attention to her.. let her come closer to her sibling and spend time with each other.. ask her to help u with chores related to newborn like passing her clothes, belongings etc.. make sure when baby is sleeping u spend some exclusive time with elder one.. talk a lot with her. let her express her apprehensions with u. try to talk out and let her know that your love for her would never change. here is a blog u would find useful!

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| Aug 19, 2018

hi Shikha Batra yes we have a new born. Blessed with a baby boy.

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| Aug 19, 2018

hi Vimal sharma ! has there been some change in her life such as someone leaving or new entry, her joining or leaving of new school. leaving of a teacher or a neighbour etc. or is she keeping well.

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