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Updated on Sep 20, 2018

Hello moms and experts, I need some suggestions, my daughter is 16 months. She has started throwing tantrums while having food. She is turning into a picky eater and consumes very less food. She doesn't want to try out new food. She also throws away food or plate if she doesn't want to eat. according to her age her weight is on the lower side. I have been giving her variety of food, diffrent grains, different preparations in breakfast , lunch and dinner. However all efforts seems to be waste. This is going since 3 months now. Thankfully she is quite active. She is also on breastfeeds at night since I am a working mom. please suggest what can be done in this case Sometimes we tend to loose our patience.

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| Sep 20, 2018

thank you Shikha.. this is helpful

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| Sep 20, 2018

hi Chandrasha sinha ! please avoid forceful feeding.. make sure meal time is fun. keep baby's choice in mind. also add variety, color, novelty to plate.. have discussions on his favorite topics.. here is a blog on picky eater with tips u might find useful.

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