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Dec 16, 2013

Dear fellow parents,   Many school are putting up shows for the year end and we need to dress up our children as required by the school. Even though I would love my daughter to stand out in the crowd in wearing the prettiest costume, I would never put make up on her face. I usually try and get her the most appropriate and pretty costume, even if it means that I make one. On one occasion I had put a light blush, lip gloss and painted the tip of her nose black as she was Minnie Mouse for a fancy dress day at school . However, I have seen some parents bringing their child with heavy make up on and not to mention the constant touch up every few minutes.  I also recently came to know of an acquaintance who regularly threads her 3 year old's eyebrows. I was quite shocked on hearing that! Am I over reacting or is it normal to really dress up your child with make up and hair spray on school functions? Please share your thoughts here.   Thank you!

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Meenambigai Rajesh

| Dec 17, 2013

Hi, I agree with Shikha that little bit of make up for school functions is harmless. Nowadays safe, non toxic and organic make up products are available. U can be free of tension when u use them. It is safe on almost all skin types. I had to use non toxic face paints to dress my kids as some animals for school projects. They really enjoyed that. They were absolutely safe and we still have the photo of my son with a face painting of an elephant as our favourite one.

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 16, 2013

Hi dear Dyuti! I agree with that one should not go overboard in doing make up as it can harm child's skin as it is very soft and not used to make up products. But I believe there is no harm in using little bit of make up on special occasions as u have mentioned school functions. Touch up every minute just indicates parents anxiety that there child gives the best shot be it looks, attire or make up so they don't want to leave any effort. As I mentioned earlier overdoing anything can be bad. And threading n all is completely a torture on the poor child. One should avoid such extreme steps in making their child look gud n stand out.

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