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Toddler potty training

Tina Bose Chakravarty

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Sep 29, 2015

How to re train a toddler who was potty trained at 2. 4 yrs. my baby now 2. 8 yrs does not say potty but does it in her pants

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| Sep 29, 2015

Hi Tina , You should remind her that how she used to go to loo everytime for pooping. How everyone say (mumma, papa) in the family go to the loo, the same way she should also go to the loo. You can take example of some kids of her age or her favorite cartoon character that they all go to loo for pooping. There might be chances that she is not able to control but then don't scold her. Just encourage her to tell mumma to take her to loo.

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