Toddler talking trouble

1 to 3 years

Created by Shaili Verma
Updated on Dec 20, 2015

Hi my baby is of 2 years and 2 months. He just say mumma all time. Smtimes pa pa pa. I am little worried. We are in usa for 1 year. so we go 2 times a week in music n play classes. but no improvment in 3 weeks. Please suggest is it ok or I need speech therapist.

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| Dec 22, 2015

Ya my son s also having the same prob.. He s going to pre school and also we r taking him to speech therapy.. We could see a good improvement within two months so kindly take him to ur ñearby therapy centre and check him well don't delay. Time s so precious...

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| Dec 22, 2015

Thanks aarti. I tried many things .even I show h speech therapy session on you tube. But no improvement.

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| Dec 21, 2015

Hi Shali, It is very common problem now a days in kids. I have gone thru the same. Pls do visit some speech therapist and ask him actiivites which you can do with in to encourage to speak. If you are working then you must put him day care. Trust me he will learn many words in a weeks time. I was not working but i frstrated will all then i decided to put him play school+day care (same premises). Trsut me he started in a weeks time. and me too worked hard with him just keep on talking ..i know it give a very bad headache... but that the only solution. Kids first teacher is mother and another fact is that kids learn from other kids faster.

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