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Toddler Tantrum and Handling issues with husband

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Updated on Jan 26, 2016

Ask an Expert Wellness Corner Hello friends Tough time with spouse and kids.... I am a mother of two kids. Both are boys. My problem is my family members, maternal and in laws dont respect me. I am always criticized for whatever i do. Since my own parents are not supporting me my husband is taking that for granted. Whenever he fightshe pinpoints that my own parents siblings dobt have good opinion about you. At the early stage of marriage he said he doesnt have any expectations.. but post kids he started expecting. He feels that his colleagues( ladies ) manage house well, kids, cooking, finance etc. My husband side are good in studies i am average... he has lot of friends but i am an introvert from childhood. He akways critizes and doesnt wish to see good things in me. My parents use to fight a lot and he doesnt have father.. my elder son is close to his dad. My husband doesnt show any interest towards me. He akways wants me to take good care of guests, kids, relatives. Always sits in the phone.. criticizes my cooking. Whenever my eldee son sees my parents or his dad he beats me... i had no other option other than showing my anger on him... he gets moodswings, fussy and becoming adamant. Iam afraid if people around me keep on degrading me, how will my sons respect me? If my husband doesnt respect me how will my sons do? I dont know how to keep my son under control. Kindly pour in your suggestions. i feel like i am good for nothing... Tarangitha Live feed

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| Jan 29, 2016

Hi Sesha! Dear you are not here to prove to the world yr talents and strengths. If we are girls, it doesn't make us up for acid tests and our critical analysis time and again. I am sure your husband might have married you after doing critical analysis only. So why complain now? I would advise you to clearly talk to your husband . Let him know he has no right to embarrass u in front of yr kids. Tell him u too don't like many things in him,like his uninvolvement in family, his talking on phone for long hours but u choose to ignore all that as you have married him so his strengths as well as weaknesses,his habits as well as his choices also have been accepted by you. I would also like to advise you to be firm in front of your kids, avoid arguments in front of them,and tell them they can't beat or misbehave with you no matter what. Sesha the way you have explained yr query,u seem to be aware of circumstances, it's just that u need to recognize yr inner strengths for yrself and prove it to yrself. In other words break the walls around u, come out of yr shell and prove to yrself you are not that weak. Once u start havin a positive self-image ,it will reflect in your behavior. Do something that gives u happiness,live for yourself, enjoy life and it's time u stop letting others take you for granted. let yr parents know they need to mend their behvaior. I am sure u don't want people around who demotivate u or criticize u. If possible start a small business, or tution classes for small children, or something as per yr interest like hobby classes or story telling session etc. Trust me Sesha there is nothing that u cant do. Believe in yrself. hope this helps!

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| Jan 27, 2016

Hi Tarangitha,dont feel low speak to your husband start doing things which will make you happy,go out with frnds spend time ,enroll urslef in any course which you would love

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