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Toddlers watching National Geographic wild programmes & shows on Animal planet , CAN THAT AFFECT THEIR BEHAVIOUR ?

1 to 3 years

Created by Swathi Arun
Updated on Jul 21, 2017

Hi all, my son is 2. 5 yrs now and he hasn't started talking yet. But of late I was aware that he is very much interested towards wildlife/animals and stuff. he used to watch shows on nat geo wild even for hours. I found this thing like 3 months back and he prefers to play anything related to animals rather than these cartoon shows etc.. and even in real time he mock plays with animal toys and all time of the day he is found with some or the other animal toy in hand. recently his activities have changed and he is imitating an hunting scene often like a lion hunting a deer etc and its with his full strength that even an adult feels the pain ....he is able to make sounds of all possible animals when we show pictures or tell its name. I am now confused ,if I did some mistake by showing all such scenes from the wild or is it part of their development he behaves like that. Parents & Experts I need ur piece of advice , is there any way I could bring him out of that behaviour? pls suggest... TIA

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| Jul 22, 2017

Thank you so much for that info. yeah he is in PRE-KG now. He started going to playgroup from 23months. I have already limited his screen time to 1hr a day. but I have to strictly cut on the wild shows... while co-playing also he is beating other kids so am actually unable to leave him play wit other kids..

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| Jul 22, 2017

hi Swathi Arun! the underlying message that can be interpreted while watching these channels is "survival of the fittest". he would be mostly watching a stronger animal attacking a weakling. yes, these videos could have a stronger impact on the psyche of a child if he is watching the same concept day after day.. u could gradually make him watch cartoons of animals or even other characters which have lighter content and fun element in it, for a limited time say half an hour or read out books to him based on animals.. I am not worried about taking out sound of animals but what worries me is he is attacking others and he is not talking.. please spend time talking to him and ask many questions and limit watching these channels and take him for outdoor play so that he can meet agemates. children learn to talk faster when they spend time with other children.. hope he has joined a playgroup. hope this helps!

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