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toilet training

3 to 7 years

Created by Richa Sahay
Updated on Dec 09, 2016

my daughter is developing a habit of holding her urine n potty . Even on instruction she avoids t use the washroom.

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| Dec 16, 2016

My three and half year girl is very moody about using toilet. She pees in her pants when no one is around except me and goes potty when only me is around. She does potty in her pants in school but tells clearly "may I go to toilet please " when have a urge to pee. I have tried to make her understand may a times to use toilet properly,but in vain. what to do please suggest. we both are very close and spend our time together in playing, reading and cooking. she seems perfectly normal.

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| Dec 10, 2016

thx... this sounds helpful !

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| Dec 10, 2016

hi Richa Sahay! I understand your worries! there could be many reason for her to hold it such as lethargy, laziness, or even too much occupied with what she's doing. you could discuss with her how holding pee is not good at all for children especially girls as it can cause urinary tract infection and even kidney infection in severe cases . read out literature to her supporting these facts or make her speak to a doc/gynaecologist who could explain to her in detail. it can even cause accidents which could be embarrassing at times. give her alternatives how she could resume her activity after she has attended nature's call in which case she will be able to concentrate better. teach her how to practise good hygiene in the sense how to use toilet and clean perineal region and keep it dry at all times. how often to get fresh after waking up and before sleeping and even when there is a urge to use washroom. praise her when she listens to u! hope this helps!

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