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Updated on Oct 19, 2013

Hi,   My daughter is 2 yrs old she is trained for potty but when it comes to urine she does tht on the floor and then tells me its done,have tried many times but its not working out,pls suggest,im a working mother so dont get much time with her  

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| Oct 31, 2013

Hi I also suggest every one hour u remind and personally take her to toilet. They can't and won't go alone. I have tried this for almost 1 yr and succeeded .For overnight urination it took me almost 2 yrs. Time again varies. Let them learn slowly and don't be irritated .

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| Oct 21, 2013

Hi dear Nabamita! I can understand ur concern regarding this issue. It is generally noticed that among children bowel control comes prior to bladder control. So once ur child masters bladder control, n learns to hold it till she reaches washroom she will be successful in giving warning beforehand. U cud initially take a note of how often n after how much time she pees. N on ur own or with help of a caretaker make her use washroom during that period. On success u cud praise the child, give her a smiley or a star. This control will come with practice n persistence. At no point the child shd be scolded or reprimanded for failure to do so or an accident as it will demotivate the child. So the mantra in this case - praise , practice n perseverance. Hope this helps!

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| Oct 19, 2013

Hi! You may find this talk and discussion between proparents of help.

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