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Updated on Jul 14, 2017

My child is 1 yr n 7 month old.. he used to tell me when he felt like peeing or pooping.. later I fell ill n was on bed rest for 15 days so I kept him in diapers.. now I m all good n tried to continue to make him sit on the toilet seat.. but now he doesn't want to go to the bathroom at all. and has stopped indicating his daily toilet n poops routine to me.. I try to make him sit on the seat,sing songs n poems but resists going to the bathroom completely.. What shud I do??? my mother in law says if he will not learn now then he may not learn ever.. it may get too late then.. Please help

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| Jul 15, 2017

Dear Ritika,dont worry. i tried my baby to sit on toilet seat after gap of 10 days. in starting she refuses to sit. but I keep trying .but never use diaper in day at the age of 1. 5. Slowly within a weak,baby itself asks for pot. i still sit near my baby holding her hand at the time of poo. and always praise,clap after using pot for loo.

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