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Elizabeth Simon
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Updated on Oct 16, 2015

My son 4-year-old is suffering from frequent sore throat and fever, cold and cough. Doctors diagnosed as him having adenoids and tonsil enlargement and will suffer from cold and cough until these organs shrink naturally. Recently switched to ayurveda, any suggestions?

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Sriswathi Nagendra

| Oct 17, 2015

My daughter also suffered severely due to adenoids and tonsils enlargement. We tried homeopathic and Ayurvedic medication, but they were not helpful, so finally we got the surgery done as per doctor's advice. Now we have seen a lot of improvement in her health.

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smitha kumar

| Oct 16, 2015

My son has the same problem tried ayurveda... no relief as the medicines are tough for kids to have. Also he developed very high temperature after havg the medicines as it aggrevates first n then cures, we could see him suffer so we stopped it. Anyways by the time they are 7 they wld outgrow this.

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