Too much hair on her body..

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Created by Nidhi Khandelwal
Updated on Oct 06, 2015

My daughter has got too much hair all over her bodysince birth.. What should i do ?? She is 5 months old..

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| Oct 06, 2015

Hi Nidhi, don't worry and relax. Each child is different and remember that these things are genetic. If you or your husband have too much body hair, your child might too. In any case, many times, children lose these hair as they grow up so don't worry. Even if she doesn't, big deal! Your daughter is a beautiful child and don't get pressurised into what the society thinks is beautiful or is not beautiful. Enjoy with your child and get these worries out of your head. Chances are if you worry too much, later on your child too will catch on the stress, and lose confidence in herself in her older years.

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| Oct 06, 2015

Hi Nidhi khandelwal! Please dont be distressed as it is perfectly normal for kids to be born with excessive hair. Mostly these hair are inherited. But if u feel the hair growth is far more than it should have been, u could consult yr pediatrician to rule out any hormonal imbalance. I would personally not recommend any home based treatments to get rid of excessive hair as a baby's skin is very soft and we don't know the effect of these products. Also hair during birth and childhood are not indicative of later life, so it is advisable to wait and watch and let nature take its own course. I am sure Nidhi, Nitara would turn out to be very beautiful from inside as well as outside.

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