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too much talking

3 to 7 years

Created by Nagarathna Kamath
Updated on Jul 06, 2017

Hi all,my son is 4 year old. He is not sitting inside the class ,changing his place all the time. not listen what teacher taught?Talking himself at school. Not writing anything at school. He can answer all the questions what I taught at home .,he can write with my supervision at home .But why not in school. How can I help him to sit at class room and listen to his teachers.

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| Jul 06, 2017

Thanks madam,He is doing good at home know ... that's why I am searching to find solutions to make him to sit at school. yes I know he is not doing it intentionally. if it continues he will be frustrated because of this .That's why worried.

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| Jul 06, 2017

hi Nagrathna Kamath! all these are characteristic of a hyperactive child. u have to accept he would behave so and remember he is not doing it intentionally, it is his brain which is wired so. please don't get disheartened. u have been doing a great job. others won't understand, but u will have to be patient and look for solution rather than focusing on why he does so, why can't he sit and study? take each day at hand. even if he sits for 2 minutes without being fidgety , count it as success, even in your absence. talk to the teacher and tell her to give him breaks to take a round, have water or do whatever is possible so that others don't get distracted. work in collaboration with his teacher and find ways to deal with things. don't get perturbed , by such complaints. he will sooner or later learn to manage himself. take care dear!

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