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Updated on Mar 13, 2020

my sons who are 17 and 8 year old respectively keep talking stuff which their mother and I do not understand or approve of. Since they go to same school ,i have heard them talk about girls and they have kept codes so that we do not get to know. i feel my younger son is also changing and talks about things beyond his age. how should I control their this behavior ?

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| Mar 13, 2020

I do understand your concern Aman! U need to be patient with them .your elder son is a teenager and at this age talking about opposite sex and getting attracted to them, is not unusual. However u could spend time with him and let him know what he is going through is not strange for boys his age to go through .But he should not discuss the same with your younger son who is just 8 years old as this would create a wrong impact on his mind as he is too young for all that talk. Also try and be friends with him and spend quality time with your elder one so that he doens't have to get into secret talk and can discuss anything under the sun openly with you. Strengthen the bond that u share with him and give him time and have a patient ear and avoid judging him. Most importantly teach him to respect girls.

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