Train child to sleep in crib 10 months and remove him from habit of taking feed at night

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Created by Neha Jain
Updated on Dec 12, 2015

My kid is 10 months, and I can't put him to sleep separately in the same room in his crib. He is growing up and we don't get enough space to get good sleep. Please suggest how do I train my kid to sleep separately. Also he wants my feed in the mid of night atleast 2 times. Any suggestions how can I get my kid to get habituated to a bottle feed at night. It is very tiring to feed after a hectic day of work.

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| Dec 14, 2015

Thanks shikha. I will surely try. Keeping fingers crossed. Thanks :-)

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| Dec 14, 2015

Hi Neha! How r you? I can understand how much u must be longing for good 5 hours sleep at a stretch which is a luxury after having kids. Trust me when I say my Lil one is 3 years old still haven't been able to sleep for 5 hours without having to wake up 3 or 4 times at night. I am sure even if you begin with bottle feed, u will have to wake up for some or the other reason. As far as yr query pertaining to making him sleep on a crib is concerned. This might require patience and perseverance. Begin with daytime. Make him sleep on the crib even during daytime. Let the child sleep on bed after an hour or so u could shift the child to a warm Cosy crib with his small favorite toy by his side. Keep the lights dim and noise to minimum so that he doesn't get awake. If he gets awake while shifting from bed to crib, u might have to feed him again and make him sleep. To begin with if he sleeps for even 1 hour without waking up, count it as success. I am sure within 15 days he would not want you to share his bed with him. Just don't give up and keep trying. Hope this helps!

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