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Created by Nitin
Updated on May 11, 2012

Please suggest the do's and don'ts as this is my first train trip alone with my toddler....

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| May 17, 2013

hey Nitin, Plz pack some of his/ her favorite toys, lots of wet wipes, toilet roll, old newspaper,hand sanitizer, some dry snack - home made and extra sets of clothes. Don't overfeed the baby since it can cause motion sickness, he/she may want to walk around so provision sandle and some extra socks so that you can change that frequently. If the journey is long, pl carry your linen, since babies are very perticular about their beds also the railway sheets may not be very clean. Most of all you need a lot of patience :) Try not to give them railway food & buy branded stuff if you must give the baby something. If your baby is on bottle feed, you may want to keep 2-3 sterilized bottles and formula handy since regular milk will go bad in this heat. Have a great trip !!

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| May 16, 2012

Thanks Bhavna. she's 1 year 5 months... this is realluy helpful, shall keep this in mind while packing. :)

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| May 16, 2012

hey nitin , how old is your child ?? One should always make sure to have extra set of clothes for the child , home packed food as the food on the trains is very spicy sometimes, some entertainment for the child such as a story book or a coloring book since there is enough place for the child to color ...

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