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Created by Ramya Madhan Reddy
Updated on May 30, 2017

guys .. pls help me out with my concern .. my lil girl 1yr 10months now.. v travel every weekend to my mom in laws place.. 3hrs up and 3hrs he's down .. my daughter weight chart S not Consistent .. it increases a day and reduces again.. her birth weight was 3. 4 .. now she S oly 9. 7 .. ppl say lot of travel wil hv impact on baby's weight.. how far is tat true? if so how to manage? kindly suggest

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| May 30, 2017

yes! .. I understand .. thank you shikha

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| May 30, 2017

hi Ramya ! yes i do agree her weight is slightly on the lower side according to her birth weight but its difficult to ascertain wether traveling is the only reason behind this. do keep a watch on her weight and if possible note it Down . as far as weekends are concerned, u could feed her before leaving. take milk along in a flask and keep feeding her on the way. or something handy which she can hold and feed herself probably a banana or a cheese stick etc .as soon as u reach she will be hungry, u can take along something half done /semi cooked. so that it can be given immediately with lil prep time . add butter/ ghee/ to her diet. give her curd/ yogurt/ banana/ other fruits in pureed or mashed form. add one egg to her diet ( if it suits her) , non veg ,fish etc. plan her diet for the whole week so that u r able to serve her nutritious meals throughout the week which can compensate for the weekends. as far as your concerns regarding her ups and downs in her weight are there, please do consult your pediatrician.

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