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Created by Neha Jagtar Fauzdar
Updated on Sep 02, 2017

i am 15 week pregnant . i have to travel daily to my office. i travel by sharing cab , some driver drives fast on bumpy roads. is it safe for my baby .

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| Oct 08, 2017

hi neha.. i am 30 weeks pregnant now and I have been travelling to and from work by shared cab services. i tell the driver to be careful while driving over speed breakers and potholes and most of the drivers do oblige. at times I do give a small reminder in case I feel that the driver is driving a bit fast. it has worked ok for me till now.. so unless your doctor has advised you against it you can decide on the basis of your convenience.

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| Sep 03, 2017

hi there.. I have been traveling almost every day to work.. starting from my first trimester.. I m now in my third n continue to travel. I also travel by a car. however roads remain roads so u will encounter bumpy rides.. but as long as u feel u Are comfortable u should continue to travel n work.. being cautious is good.. so do inform the driver to be cautious of bumpers.. n to drive safe

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| Sep 02, 2017

hi Neha Jagtar Fauzdar ! u r just finishing ur first trimester, u need to be really careful! u need to inform the cab service and the taxi driver beforehand , so that they could be careful while driving.. also please consult ur gynaecologist once , to be doubly sure, whether it would be safe to commute everyday.

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