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Updated on Sep 21, 2017

I am traveling with my lo (2. 4yr) and my spouse. It will take at least 14 hour to reach to the destination. I am confident that I can manage but m lil scared what if my toddler : • doesn't sleep well in flight •becomes cranky. • starts running here and there. and many more what if. I read many articles on parentune and outside as well. They are helpful indeed but they are scaring me out the hell , all those are saying it is not advisable to travel with toddler but there is no such choice for me. how can I make this trip comfortable for us and our child? please drop your advice.

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| Sep 21, 2017

hi Manisha Chandra ! I can comprehend ur apprehensions. the purpose of these blogs is not to scare u but to sound u of possible issues beforehand which u might face when u actually go through that situation. if possible plan a break journey as it is practically not possible for a toddler to not move around for 14 hours. please go through this blog. hope u will find the suggested tips handy. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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