Travelling with Children

traveling in a train with my twins babies....... what types of food should give

1 to 3 years

Created by Nitu Rani
Updated on May 22, 2017


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| May 22, 2017

thank you shikha bhatra

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| May 22, 2017

hi Nitu Rani! u could carry handy food , which is not too messier for them to eat and it doesn't spoil their clothes. avoid gravies . u could take soft malai parantha, or paneer ghee parantha which can be made soft with milk. or carry sago prepared beforehand, just add lil milk to it. cerelac , or fruits pureed or mashed can also be given. if they can eat suji upma or soft idlis or soft appam u can try that etc. u could carry boiled milk in a flask and add in small quantities whenever needed. Nitu if they are fussy eaters ,then please take along things which u have already been serving earlier as a child might not like to taste a new dish when in transit. hope this will be of help to u!

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