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Updated on Aug 31, 2017

Hi mommies.. ! I am going on a vacation this September with my 4m old girl... it would be a greate help if yu could assist me with the travel list for my lo... ! My vacation is for 5 days in Neil island in Andaman... will be traveling by air which is 3 hours journey and again a 3 hours journey from d airport by ferry to Neil ... kindly help me with the list of things to carry with me for a safe and happy vacation.. Thank you all in advance

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| Aug 31, 2017

hi Sunaina kamlesh! since u r traveling with a baby who is less than 6 months old, u need not worry about his food supply . u can need to take 7-8 clothes for each day, diapers , cotton, wipes, sheets, disposable bags, disposable changing sheet, hand sanitizer, hand wash, small towels, baby's toys, sheet , necessary medicine, first aid kit.. here is a blog, which u might find useful!Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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