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Travelling by car with 5. 5 month baby

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Created by Ptajkata Godsr
Updated on Sep 11, 2017

hi all i am travelling with my baby by car to nagpur... please provide some travelling tips... he is exclusive on bottle feed... also need suggestion on using car seat as journey is about 14-15hrs.... please provide tips

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| Sep 12, 2017

thanks all

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| Sep 11, 2017

hi ptajkata godsr , you can use car seat. try to change the position of the baby in between. you are travelling a lot distance your baby must be using diaper, so make sure donot allow your baby to sit too long in car seat, which cause rashes. pack a travelling bag, which has too many pockets and sections to keep the things in different spaces so that you can easily approach them. things to carry with you are, leave the home with three or four sterilized feeder milk powder hot water in a thermal flask normal water in other flask one extra bottle of water for washing stuff liquid detergent and hand wash for you diapers and any cream or lotion using for treating rashes (if you are not using any, take small bottle of coconut oil with you. using diaper for so long can cause rashes. ) wipes(in case of short of water) blanket and socks of baby(in case of use of ac) two three extra set of clothes(baby might vomitt or get her clothes dirty) hankies or towel any medicines if your baby is taking some toys(baby can get irritated being in same environment for longer period) pack things which your baby is in habit of using most important, try to plan your journey with stop in between. you and baby both should have time for relax and freshen up.

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| Sep 11, 2017

hi Ptajakta Godsr! travel with ur baby can be made easier by keeping in mind certain points. u could sit with ur baby on the rear seat.. with baby on the car seat. take frequent breaks for the baby to stretch a lil. pack his disposable diapers, diapoable bags,wipes, cotton, santiser, hand wash, disposable sheet, first aid with necessary medicine and his favourite toys. since he is on bottle feed u need to carry hot water in a flask and his formula feed, spoons ,mugs , bowls etc. don't forget to pack extra clothing, towels , ur extra clothes . u could carry food and clothes in separate travel bags. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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