Treatment of anemia with food

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Dec 13, 2018

My 14 months old boy is anemic . Is it possible to treat iron deficiency without supplements?? Which food items contain iron to treat anemia?

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| Dec 13, 2018

hi Harmandeep Kaur ! yes definitely one could overcome anameia with diet. rich sources of iron are- Organ meat, such as liver. Dark green leafy vegetables, like mustard (sarson), chana saag, chulai, arbi ke patte, mint. Nuts and seeds such as sesame, coconut dry, pistachio nuts. Cereals like bajra, jowar, whole wheat, chirwa, murmura. Pulses and legumes- Bengal gram, lentils, lobia, soybeans. Fruits like watermelon, raisins, dried peaches and apricots. iron absorption increases with intake of vitamin C. so u could give amla, green chatni with pudhina and dhania , lemon, orange , lime etc.

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