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triplets at school

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 04, 2017

I have triplet boys of 3 years old.... they fight alot with each other in school and home... and don't mingle with other kids.... they are inseparable inseparable insepar...

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| Jul 04, 2017

hi Aparna Mehrotra! I do understand your worry! are they all in the same section? if yes, u could get them in different sections by making a special request to their teacher. by doing so they would at least concentrate in class. secondly, make some rules such as no fighting, no name calling , no complaints will be entertained at home or even when they are in school ..praise them all when they behave well each other . avoid taking sides . scold and punish all equally for a mistake.. allot them work which improves their bonding such as playing together,doing an activity together etc. also teach them to treat each other with respect and support each other in times of need. hope this helps!

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