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7 to 11 years

Created by Rajesh Kumar
Updated on Oct 05, 2016

Hi, My son most of time trying to troll the things that we asked him to do first. Like if we ask them to study / activity work / reading / home work then he revert he will do after playing game or watching tv. Please suggest....

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| Oct 10, 2016

Thanks parents for your positive reply, definitely this will help.

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| Oct 09, 2016

they r kids. teach them the priorities. before he move the coin u take it first. ie. , do this I 'll do this in return. if he is not ready to accept the deal u don't bother him. u should b more stringent. never leave him before he complete the work. do this continuously. at one instant he 'll conclude that papa and mama 'll never leave me without completing my work. practice this it 'll definitely work out.

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| Oct 09, 2016

hi Rajesh Kumar! it's advisable to have a routine fixed for him and make a time table n stick it on top of his study table. ensure there is time allocated for studies, rest, outdoor and indoor play, TV viewing etc. talk to him and reach a Consensus on finishing school work and studies before leaving for outdoor play and then he could play for 1 HR or so. reward him with praise and his favorite dish on more or less sticking to time table. if u find time sit along to check his progress and after he has prepared a topic and is thorough with it ,u could give him a written test. we need to remember here scolding him or too much nagging might further push him to procrastinate things. Please be gentle in your tone with lots of motivation and praise .hope this helps!

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