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Updated on Sep 06, 2012

This is a dangerous topic to put up on a public forum but I need help on this. My daughter goes to a reputed school in the city, a convent school, no less. When she started pre school I was very happy with the teachers who were kind, sweet and very caring. Same in the next two classes- pre and U- KG. However this year she in Class 1 and the teachers have changed. They are always shouting at the kids. I have seen it myself. I blanch at the way the teachers shout all the time. I have heard that they use slaps and pinches to discipline roudy kids. And the scolding is beyond control. My daughter is reported to have cried twice due to fear of just being scolded at not having brought some book. (at this age they cant be expected to pack their own bags, so its not their fault anyway). Therefore I can only imagine what scolding she might have recieved earlier. I believe some parents have even approached the teachers but the assault continues. What is the best way forward.

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| Sep 08, 2012

Thanks Ann. I thought too that what you suggest would be the right path. I am in the process of garnering support from other parents at the moment.

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