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Updated on Mar 08, 2020

mera beta jo ki ab 15 years ka hai, baat baat mai jhooth bolta hai. when he is caught, he promises he wont repeat next time.. but again it is the same. how do I develop that trust ? infact , should I even trust him as I am scared he might choose the wrong path for himself and regret in life .

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| Mar 08, 2020

Hi @Ankit! Jaise ki aapne bola trust develop kaise karey. developing anything doesn't happen in one day, it takes time. aap dheere dheere apne beech ke bond ko strengthen karey. Bacche ko vishwaas dilwayein, ki woh sach bol sakta hai, aur aap sach jankar immediate reaction nahi dein. Dheere dheere bina daantein, apne vichaar vyakt karey. is age ke bacche ,apne aaapko bada manney lagtey hai, and sochtey hai jo woh kar rahe hai woh theek hai. aap kewal unka dost bankar hi, unko acche se samjh saktey hai aur samjha saktey hai. spend time with him. take him out for walks ,dinners .have a one-on-one with him and avoid judging him. I am sure it will work out for you both. hope this helps Ankit !

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