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Tv An Idiot box.. tips to avoid this idiot box

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Updated on Jul 29, 2017

Hi we live in a joint family old inlaws stay with us... their oly entertainment is watching television and serials... I have a daughter of age 3 years and new one is due by August mid... if they watch television she also go and sits with them and watch those stupid serials which makes me very angry... I have even bet her many times for this reason... sometime she will respond to me when I call her to play or watch her rhymes.... but most of the time the eyes won't come off from the tv.... hope she may change after seeing her new sibling... plz do help me with some ideas to take her away from watching that idiot box without disappointing my in-laws...

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| Jul 31, 2017

thaku you so much hope things will get better in future...

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| Jul 29, 2017

Hi Bhavani, you are right the arrival of new born may change her routine. Be calm and tackle with care. Ask your in-laws politely to fix a time for television as the baby is growing and she needs to spend more time on study than tv.

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