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May 07, 2012

Since the time we have had some guests visiting ; my 6 yr old has started to sit with them and watch hindi soaps , when I stop her from watching , I become the bad guy . I am very stressed out , how do I address this situation without hurting anyone, or being the bad guy

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| Aug 14, 2012

Bhavna, firstly, if your guests are there for a short time, maybe you could just grin and bear it. But if it is a long term affair, again, it is time to set some rules. Make a time when you will have a talk with your daughter. Give it a name- "mother-daughter discussion time" and make it a rule, that she should listen to you at that time and you will listen to what she has to say. That way she wont feel it is unfair. Then once you have her attention, explain how it is "physically" bad for her to watch TV for a long time. Eye doctor says 2 hrs at a stretch (you have the licence to exaggerate, I do so) is the max the child's eye should be subjected to. So my child is now allowed to watch 1 hour of TV and ipad combined. It is up to her to choose what she wants to watch, but after one hour she should be done.

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| May 17, 2012

In order to get a good result for your child i think its ok to be a bad guy once in a while, be firm with your child as well as the guests and explain to both of them the importance of what you want . I am sure if you are honest it will work out for you and your daughter ..

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