Child Psychology and Behaviour

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Geethanjali Prabu

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Jan 17, 2016

Most people wants their child to be perfect calm well behaved etc etc.... tats not wrong but how do they know where they will learn from ? 24/7 teacher is nearby s tats us.... the mother stands as a mirror for every child .... when v r pregnant we talk 2 them make them listen to music and other things but after our delivery we just get busy like finishing our house hold works or going to work or giving to our mother and have a nap. We all have our own commitments but time doesn't matter you know . Just when we are with them we have to do the samething .When my child started to sit by himself and also I'm in abroad and i cannot leave the child alone i just make him to sit in a walker where i am. When i brush i say mommy is goin to brush and do that. as for everything brushing cooking picking the things down and keeping it at same place. you know my child when he started to walk everytime he plays with his toys and keep them again at that place .if he sees something fallen down he just take that keep it and play again. he does that in anyone's place. So if ur child wants to do something you do that without being lazy and sure they will learn 'coz they are like a white paper you are the first one to write on it

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