Unbelievable! Having fun in water has so many benefits for babies

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Updated on Aug 28, 2019

Babies have been loving having fun in water since they were born. It makes them feel free and enjoyable. In adults’ opinion, water is nothing but resource that is drinkable. But in the eyes of children, water is also a companion to them. From the perspectives of psychologists, water is like sand, and is the best gift that nature gives to children. Because water and sand have a common feature, that is, they have no fixed shape, so children can play as they want. Moreover, children are particularly interested in toys with different kinds of shapes and dynamics in some way that are in line with their own mental level. In this case, water is suitable for children at all stages, and each kid can follow their own hobbies in playing. Therefore, there’s no need to make too many restrictions if it’s suitable for kids in playing water under the safe situations with conditions allowed. In addition to satisfying the nature of your baby's love of water, there are other benefits you might not know, for example: By having fun in water, children can develop their sense of consciousness, because the temperature and water strength change a lot, and the smooth flowing touch will give the child a special sensory stimulation; While playing with water, children’s muscle groups can be exercised at the same time. For example, for a simple action of scooping up the water, the baby must first hold the spoon with a small hand, then use the arm muscles to lift the spoon up, and finally pour into other containers. Throughout the process, your baby's body will be driven and exercised. What’s more, there are three more benefits in having Playing with water can make babies develop good habits When the baby reaches a certain stage, he will start to imitate the movements of adults. For example, when the child is around one and a half years old, as long as I do things related to water, he will come over and watch curiously, then try to imitate me doing that. Of course, most of the time he is “not really helping”, but I will let him do it with me. For example, if I am washing clothes, let him wash a small handkerchief. If I water the flowers, I will let him help me with it watering a few pots, although I have to spend more time to clean up the mess afterwards, I however firmly believe that this is good for cultivating his living habits, and also let him have the consciousness of doing housework since childhood. During playing with water, babies can also learn some basic maths and science When the baby is playing with water, parents can also consciously prepare some tools, or design some game, so that the baby can understand some basic math and scientific knowledge during playing. For example, For example, the easiest way is to put some ocean balls in the tub while the baby is taking a bath, as well as to teach the baby to count while placing the them; you can also try putting some sugar in the water, and the baby will find that the sugar is slowly disappearing, and then give the baby a taste of sugar, let the baby realize the concept of dissolution; When I have fun with my children, I will look for items with various sizes and styles, such as table tennis, wooden blocks, plastic bowls, etc. And when I put them in the water, I will find that they can float and sink. At this point, they might start to ask why frequently, and you can tell him some basic scientific knowledge. Water fun can meet babies’ emotional need Last but not least, playing with water can make your baby really excited and happy! Children are naturally curious about everything, and playing with water can satisfy their desire to explore nature, as water can respond directly to it. This will give your baby great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Some parents think that their babies are too early to swim, but in fact, playing with water is completely fine. In addition to playing, it is also important to involve parents to develop and promote parenting relationship. FZBLUE Baby iSwim can bring solutions to aquatic parenting interactions and solve the problem of not being able to interact with your baby on the water. Baby iSwim has remote control, and mum can try to control the swim ring with it, while the kid can fetch the ball thrown by his or her dad on he water while driving the swim ring during the water game. See, family fun easily created! There is also a Child Safety Lock on the remote control to prevent the baby from controlling the swim ring, if he is not willing to go ashore or he encounters other situations on the water. The parents can then have priority of the swim ring after locking. Compared to ordinary swimming ring, it's more fun on the water, and even makes children think it's a water tour all the way!

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| Aug 28, 2019

hi FZBLUE BABY ! thanks for sharing

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